Interviews | May 10, 2018

Saraghina – Lightness in its DNA

It’s like wearing summer, something that gives you energy just by putting it on: here is Saraghina Eyewear, in the words of founder Angelo Di Stefano

words Marilena Roncarà

The Saraghina is one of the symbols of Romagna. As an oily fish it is very simple, but it has a high nutritional capacity. In the eyewear sector, the comparison is easily extended to the Saraghina brand from Rimini, created with the aim of bringing quality eyewear to the market at a fair price. It all started in 2013 as the brainchild of brothers Silvia and Angelo Di Stefano. With 20 years of experience in the industry and a tireless passion for their work, the Di Stefano siblings have managed to launch a unique product that did not exist previously. Angelo Di Stefano told us the details.

How and why was the Saraghina brand created?

It all began from an observation that the market lacked a high quality product at an ethical price. The result of this thinking came in 2013 with the Gilda, round-shaped eyewear presented with a wide range of lenses and colours, because we wanted to add a hint of colour to the greyness of those times. Lightheartedness, liveliness, colour and quality at a fair price: this is the goal of our glasses.

Is everything Made in Italy?

Yes, our glasses are entirely made in Italy. The materials are exceptional, and we use ultra-light and super-resistant nylon, for example. It is no coincidence that lightness is another of the brand’s strong points. The design and the colours represent the most emotional aspect and are the distinctive features of my work.

How do you manufacture in Italy while maintaining an ethical price?

Our secret is to have a lean structure and work with a lot of imagination. Often we don’t start with a design, but rather we adapt to the elements offered to us by the market. We go to the suppliers, we see the components they have and we create the glasses from there. We are very creative in this sense and it also allows us to avoid big project development costs.

Who is the ideal Saraghina customer?

An attentive and sought-after consumer who is seeking a quality product that lasts over time. Usually, our customers have more than one Saraghina. They come back to us because they enjoy their experience and become attached to the brand.


Any new developments for 2018?

There are two main ones. On the one hand, there is the explosion of metal as the protagonist of the new collection. On the other, there is the range of five nylon models. The nylon is ultra-light, but this time it is very thick at the front. The result is a product with character and a strong visual impact that is also very portable.

How were the first five years of Saraghina?

Hilarious. There is a big element of love in what we do, so on one hand we don’t get weighed down by it, and on the other we stay positive and light while working intensely. Perhaps this is our lifestyle, what we would like to convey to our customers, our opticians and the entire sales network. The first driving force is to do things with passion, then the results come.

The product packaging is also very original, with a metal box similar to a tuna can…

I wanted something that would spur a discussion about the brand, but would also remain longterm. The box is an object that is part of our daily life, because it can be used for a wide variety of purposes, even going beyond glasses.

What are your next goals?

Our dream is to transmit an added human value alongside the product that includes the fun and lightheartedness of doing what we like, even though we step away fro