Network | July 24, 2018

Catuma and Vega SRL together 

Catuma Eyewear entrusts the Italian distribution to Vega SRL

words Editorial Staff

Catuma Eyewear, since the birth of the brand in 2014, has oriented its marketing strategies to the continuous evolution of style, shapes, and technological innovation. Over the years its collections have positioned the brand among luxury and independent brands, gaining national and international market shares. Today, after an exponential growth of its stores in Italy and abroad, has decided to entrust the distribution of its brand to Vega SRL, a company that for over 25 years selects frames of the international scene realized from historic eyewear producers. Vega SRL intends to represent unique and different products, made of ideas, concepts, technologies, innovative materials and dedicated to opticians able to recognize the value of the details and the needs of the wearer. At the base of the company philosophy, in fact, there is the concept of non-massified, client-oriented and customized distribution, based on excellent quality.