Notes | September 13, 2018

DaTE – There’s something new…

Excellence in quality, originality and avant-garde methods were the prime selection considerations in reviewing the collections of more than 200 brands

words Editorial Staff

Great expectations for the new edition of DaTE, that will take place on September 22-24 at the Leopolda, in  Florence. The edition, totally sold out with the exhibitor selection officially closed, will host two fresh new exhibit areas, Timeless and Spring, that will join the classic four: Luxury, Millenials, Icons and Balcony.

In addition to select Italian participants at DaTE, brands from the USA, Japan, Austria, Denmark, the UK, Spain and France will also exhibit, representing the state-of-the-art in international eyewear. Among the trends expected to be showcased at DaTE are shapes inspired by the great artists of the past and their works, “zero kilometer” [locally sourced and produced] or eyewear manufactured using energy-efficient technologies, flashbacks to the legendary 1950s, real 24-karat gold jewelry-eyewear, Hollywood-inspired styles and artisan-crafted products designed to accentuate the eyes.