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A chat with… Matteo Ripa

Reinterpreting vintage imagery in a contemporary key to continue to convey emotions, but without losing that Italian flavour: this is how the art director Matteo Ripa introduces us into the Bob Sdrunk universe

words Marilena Roncarà

What is the distinctive feature of Bob Sdrunk?

Encouraging freedom of expression. Eyewear is a mask, we use it to appear different or sometimes to feel safer and Bob also has this fundamental value: dealing with the client’s personality, to represent it through his own vision. It all starts with a vintage shape, to which we try to give a character. The goal is to offer a different aesthetic: strong wearability with character.

But let’s go back to the beginning…

Bob Sdrunk was created in Italy in 2009 by a group of expert opticians with almost thirty years in the industry behind them. The brand boasts a sample of classic models, which are reworked and reinterpreted from time to time. The goal is to bring classic forms back to life until they become contemporary icons. In this operation the quality of the Italian manufacturing process remains a fundamental element of strength and value.

What is the subject of ‘futuvintage’?

It’s a term that I coined in the rebranding phase to underline how our product, which comes from vintage imagery, is projected into a discourse of future predictions , as well as offering a vision of tomorrow from what was the past.

But who is Bob Sdrunk?

Although it’s a name and a surname Bob Sdrunk is not a person but an identity which presents itself through the product and through its ability to exercise attraction.

Hence the claim ‘Nice to hypnotize you!’ …

Yes, we want to create products which don’t leave people indifferent but are able to generate desire. It all starts with a hypnotic gesture, like when you are attracted to something and you desire it so much that you become almost hypnotized by that thing.

Where does your relationship with celebrities come from?

With them, the rule of ‘Nice to hypnotize’ comes into effect. For example, Lady Gaga –we saw her twice on stage wearing our glasses and we don’t know how she came to our product. And the same is true for the others. There is never an economic agreement and neither is it something induced, or a marketing operation. The ‘Nice to hypnotize’ just works and even those who have a very different hype from ours sometimes choose to wear Bob Sdrunk.

What do you do with regard to social communication?

We believe that our product has great appeal for the public, especially that of Instagram and therefore we produce empathatic material to consolidate our relationship with our users. Each campaign has a theme which stimulates debate and creates thought, sometimes even in an irreverent or provocative way.

Any new items for the new collection?

We are focusing a lot on chromaticity. For us, colour is a means of initiating a new investigation linked to the exploration of a person’s mood or emotion.

What sort of moment is this for eyewear?

It’s a good moment, especially because today the world of eyewear has something to say. Eyewear is a mask, an accessory which goes on people’s faces and as such has become something essential. With our models at Bob Sdrunk, through an original aesthetic or emotion, we want to be able to interpret what we are, every day.