News | October 30, 2018

EOE – The beauty of sustainability 

EOE eyewear is sustainable, causing as minimal harm to the planet as possible

words Editorial Staff

Biodegradable acetate, recycled acetate and steel. Natural color pigments in the frames, eyeglass cases made out of paper and climate compensating packaging materials. These are just some of the special ingredients of the EOE Eyewear’ glasses. The brand from Swedish Lapland thinks that nothing it’s more important that respecting the environment and being green. The brand wants to combine the elegance and simplicity of Scandinavian design, with the barren beauty of the nature in the north of Sweden. The northern heritage is reflected both in the names and colors of the eyewear, inspired by dramatic sceneries like the northern lights and the midnight sun, characteristic for Swedish Lapland. Not least its reflected in details like pieces of birch and reindeer horn, truly making the frames into one of a kind. Just as nature is where the brand come from.