Campaign | October 1, 2018

Your own rights

The idea behind the new season’s message is #itsYourRight, because everyone has the right to do the things he wants to do

photography Peppe Tortora

The meeting between Essedue and Peppe Tortora, photographer, director and now also creative director of the brand from Ariano Irpino, has resulted in a new strategy for the Italian brand. After a more ‘classic’ 2018 campaign, the idea behind the new season’s message is #itsYourRight, that is, the right to do the things we want to do. The protagonists are real people dealing with real situations and living right here in Ariano Irpino. “It’s a very simple and straightforward concept, a campaign where there is no lack of the irony which has always distinguished my work,” says Peppe Tortora. The campaign is also featured in videos for social platforms and optical display screens for which campaign materials have been provided.

The #itsYourRight campaign also appeared on the front page of Maschera, Essedue’s visual magazine. Peppe Tortora’s idea is to entrust future brand campaigns to internationally-renowned photographers.