Campaign | October 31, 2018

Etnia Barcelona – The Art of Details

The new Etnia Barcelona Autumn/Winter 2018 collection focuses on the intricacies of design, taking as its reference point the symbolist art of Gustav Klimt

words Marilena Roncarà

For its new Autumn/Winter collection Etnia Barcelona continues to flaunt its DNA to the world by way of its global brand campaign #BeAnartist; faithful to its constant need to break away from the norm, this time it takes inspiration from the intricate details of Gustav Klimt’s art. The result is a new campaign focusing on the intricacies of design: from delicate frames with neat details, to singular colour combinations, to subtle shapes both in acetate and metal; all of which clearly reflect the brand’s DNA. For this season, the brand is presenting a total of 75 new additions – 40 optical glasses and 35 sunglasses. ‘Street Details’, ‘Flashing Lights’ and ‘Pure Nature’ are three key trends used by the brand to create its eyewear acetates in 76 color combinations for this launch. Graffiti, textures, grilles, bars and stripes for ‘Street Details’, visionary movies such as Blade Runner for ‘Flashing Lights’ and the most ethnic trend, that’s also closest to nature, for ‘Pure Nature’; these are all elements of inspiration. Once more Etnia Barcelona and the photographer Biel Capllonch have got people talking about their work: pieces that subtly share what they have to say, to those who lose themselves in the quest for something more.
The special note in this campaign is the use of simple, everyday elements like microchips, cables, motherboards and hard drives that transmit our intention to democratize art – because we can all be artists or Anartists and we know that the difference is in the details.