Interviews | November 20, 2018

Claudia Brotons – Kaleos Eyehunters

Claudia Brotons is the co-founder of Kaleos Eyehunters, the Spanish brand that came into eyewear five years ago, bringing more glamour and a new energy to the market

words Antonella Reina

Generating new styles that make a difference by combining design, fashion and luxury, this is the way to renovate the concept of contemporary eyewear at Kaleos Eyehunters. Let’s discover more about it through the words of co-founder Claudia Brotons.

What is the best question we could ask you?

The best would be to ask us to talk about the collections and our products. It is the basis of our brand and we know about them, and at the same time we find it exciting every six months to advance the trends and reinterpret, so to speak, the world through an object.

Kaleos Eyehunters is?

Kaleos is fashion, coolness, design, quality and passion for life.

What is the concept behind your brand?

We are a puzzle of many things, but our main credo is to reinvent the concept of contemporary eyewear by combining design, fashion and luxury.

What is fashionable about your frames?

This vision of how men and women are transformed by accessories is behind our designs, so fashion is a part of the foundation of Kaleos.

Stamper, Aurora

How would you describe a Kaleos frame?

Different, risky and elegant and above all, full of quality.

What are the features of the last collection?

You are unique because…

Our new collection marks an important turning point. We have made a very important decision: to eliminate all the on-going collections. Our strong points are trends and the creation of truly special and differentiated frames. That’s why we are eliminating what other brands call the ‘permanent collection’. We aim to be more creative and productive and to generate new styles that make a difference. Now opticians and customers will find more new styles, and a wider range of new offerings throughout the year, we will actually launch 3 limited edition capsules per year. This capsule will be even more trendy and will have more fashionable styles.

The wide range of styles. Kaleos is a luxury brand, but at the same, it is inclusive. Luxury for many years has tended to be too exclusive. However, we have redefined our own path, creating extensive, cool collections in which a wide diversity of women and men can identify themselves with at least one frame. Not everyone can boast of reaching so many people, with such high- quality standards.

This is why you’ve called the new collection Aurora.

The Aurora Borealis is an accumulation of solar energies that reach the earth, shine, and disappear. So, our collections are designed to shine and mark a turning point, but once we release the styles they are over: they won’t be repeated in the same way.

How much has your brand changed over the years?

A lot, in fact we turn five this year and so we are launching a new image for our booth at Silmo. We believe that after these five years, we are mature enough to create a new space. We have been working all this year as a think tank, mixing our creative team with architects in order to design unique furniture, choosing the materials that represent the brand and upgrading Kaleos to a new level.

Achievements and things you are still striving for…

We will continue working, to grow in markets such as the USA and Asia, which we entered this year.

What feeling do people get from wearing your frames?

Elegant, confident and comfy.

How does the world look through a pair of Kaleos glasses?