Interviews | November 20, 2018

Q&A Divel

Brando Marraccini is Divel’s Company Director. His words reveal how the new Glitter and Sundown lenses, presented at next Silmo 2018, were created

words Editorial Staff

How many people work in Divel?

We currently have 100 employees in Italy and 200 worldwide, including overseas offices and manufacturing facilities in Asia. In the Bologna office, there are five people who follow projects from the initial idea to prototyping. The company also avails itself of the support of external design studios.

How long does it take to develop a new, particular product; for example, Facet lenses?

Complex projects such as Facet also require more than a year: we start from the concept and arrive at production by passing through technical studies, design and prototyping. On the other hand, simpler projects which concern colourations, treatments or applications which are not difficult, require only a few months of development.

The two important innovations in the field of sunglasses which you will present at Silmo are the Glitter and the bicolour Sundown lenses. How were these two products created?

The Glitter lens was created after researching the current trends in fashion, clothing and design. We studied how we could insert glitter inside the lens and, after establishing that there were no contraindications and that the result complied with regulations, the collection was created. Sundown bicolour, on the other hand, is the declination of two collections presented in previous years, one in plain colour (Silmo 2017) and a nuanced one (Mido 2018).

What are the markets where you have the best feedback?

With sunglasses, our reference markets are Italy (where most of the lens production for luxury companies is concentrated) and the rest of Europe – especially France, Spain and Germany. This is complemented by the work done in Asia by our Shanghai production site. From our perspective, Italy is definitely our reference market, where through a network of seven branches and two laboratories we serve opticians throughout the country. Foreign markets are served directly from our Shanghai production site or through our official distributors. The reference markets in this case are Asia, Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean basin.

How important are the services related to the sale?

They are all important: from initial request to after-sales assistance, taking in feasibility and product quality studies. We try to improve and offer the best support to our customers, we are always faced with new requests.