Notes | December 3, 2018

Jean-François Rey won the gold V.Award

The French brand won the gold V.Award for the category Optical Frame at the Hong Kong Optical Fair 2018

words Editorial Staff

And the winner is… Jean-François Rey. The French brand won the Gold  V.Award for the category Optical Frame at the last Hong Kong Optical Fair 2018. The collection Double Jeu was awarded with the model JF2800 0530. The jury, made up of stylists, international journalists, opticians and optical teachers, rewarded the originality of this colorful metal frame that subtly hides two extremely thin metal frames. Superimposed one on the other, they give the illusion of one and the same frame, for an absolutely bluffing result! The visual effect is enhanced by the original cut of Nylor lenses and the bi-coloring work, entirely done by hand. The design plays the creative duality and puts on strong contrasts that underline the graphic and contemporary style of the model.