Notes | December 17, 2018

Mykita – Just be yourself

Alessia, Houston, Gapi, Tuva and Raidon are the new creations of Mykita and also a declaration of distinctness

words Editorial Staff

Just be yourself: the next generation of MYKITA sunglass models send a message of individuality. Experimental shapes, intricate surfaces and crisp colourways come together to form distinctive eyewear statements: with its unique heptagon-shape and geometric rim design, Alessia displays a style all its own but remains chic and harmonious. Houston is more reduced with a bolder expression: oversize round lenses held in ‘cut-off’ rims play with the contrast between thick and thin for a pop-art effect. Sporting a stretched pentagonal shape, Gapi wins you over with well-balanced proportions. The ample surface area on the acetate front shows off new colour tones such as Brown Grey to full effect.

The perfectly proportioned charm of panto-shaped Tuva has contemporary class that translates well into both optical and sunglass models. The construction featuring acetate rings fitted inside steel rims is ideal for appreciating finely composed colourways, such as Shiny Silver/Champagne or Shiny Copper/Topaz. Finally, sunglasses Raidon is pure refinement, striking the perfect balance between classic and modern: a finely detailed navigator with a subtle pentagonal lens shape and high double bridge.