News, Notes | January 17, 2019

Vinylize Eyewear – Black Ice

Following the success of the AC/DC Back in Black collection in 2018, Vinylize Eyewear has released a new collection of eyewear crafted from AC/DC’s Black Ice album

words Editorial Staff

“Well the devil may care / You toss ’em back and be a man/ With the last time / Black ice / End of it all, end of the line / End of the road/ Black ice…”. You can almost here the AC/DC singing when you where your Vinylize Eyewear. The brand based in Hungary has released a new three-piece collection of sunglasses crafted from AC/DC’s 2009 Black Ice album. The Black Ice frames feature a layered interior lamination visible only when viewed from certain angles, making them as subtle and deceptive as black ice itself. The collection is headlined by two sunglass models with names derived from tracks on the Black Ice album. Both Ice and War are at the forefront of current eyewear trends: War sports an oversized square design while Ice is a faceted small oval.

This is the second AC/DC collection to be released by the Budapest-based eyewear brand. The first was crafted from the iconic Back in Black album released in 1980. On this occasion, founder Zack Tipton has developed a unique photo concept reflecting on the unusual properties of black ice. “Rather than drawing on classic rock ‘n’ roll imagery, we wanted to play with the idea of black ice, a smooth, often invisible surface you might only notice after it is too late,” Tipton explains. “Our photo shoot shows an attractive model following what appears to be a nasty fall – the fallen angel who has descended into darkness. The idea is that fashion and beauty are one thing, but we can all come crashing down at any moment. This is the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll, we all have darkness somewhere in our hearts – sometimes we just have to embrace it.”