Brands | February 28, 2019

A Family Affair

Quality and creativity for the latest Seeoo X Lasnik project involving tradition and the zeitgeist to reach a new level of authenticity and style

words Antonella Reina

There are so many reasons why collaborations are always successful. Surely one of the most important is that it brings people from different tastes and experiences together and harnesses the different strengths of each individual personality.
And do you know what is the most important skill to have when collaborating? The ability to be authentic and true to one’s self.

The latest project by Seeoo and Lasnik testifies perfectly to this, bringing unique perspectives and talents to the table. Martin and Andreas Lasnik, sons of Seeoo founder Gerald Lasnik, have followed their long-held vision of raising their father’s legacy – unique, small-sized, circular-shaped pince-nez spectacles – to the next level with the new Seeoo X Lasnik collection. This comprises two acetate frames in white and tortoiseshell, with gold-mirrored lenses by Zeiss and limited to 100 pieces. Dedicated to a new generation’s demand for style and sophistication, the new models keep the core elements of Seeoo while shifting its classical frame-setting into a timely context. As it is a family affair, very personal elements find their way into the spectacles’ design and deep into the structure. The distinctive side pieces pay tribute to Martin’s passion for glacier goggles and their characteristic wind guards, while Andreas’ love of style breaches contrasts their colours with the thrilling white of the body, breaking the standards of classic, metal rimmed glasses and immersing them into a novel sphere of eyewear aesthetics.