Interviews | April 15, 2019

Q&A – Kyme

Quality, research and a love of vintage and with an eye to the future: the soul of Kyme is encapsulated within these words by Antonello Calderoni, founder of the brand

words Elisa Zanetti

What fascinates you most about the eyewear world?

The entire process is a real passion for me. It fascinates me because it manages to solve certain people’s problems. I love identifying suitable frames, the money brings satisfaction, but the results with people make me feel as if I have ‘turned on a light’ for those who are able to see clearly again, with style and comfort.

What’s new for the coming season?

I have chosen to characterise the three main models with a bar that highlights the face: a strikingly futuristic style with great appeal. Like creating ‘pilots/pioneers’ heading for the planet Kyme.

A touch of what could be called ‘futuristic vintage’ is not lacking. An oxymoron…

Re-evoked and personalised vintage is a characterising element of Kyme. I chose to rethink certain forms from the 1990s and bring them back to life in a contemporary, almost futuristic era, to face the present and the future with character.

In general, where do you find inspiration?

From history, art, colour – there are different sources of inspiration that lead to the creation of a frame, a bridge, a rod, a colour, a metal…

How important is research?

Very, all the materials are 100% Made in Italy and of the utmost quality. You study the past to present it once again, personalising it with the most modern and effective materials for reasons of aesthetics and especially of comfort, adapting the style to the present and the future.

Can you summarise Kyme’s pathway throughout the last few years?

Kyme was created for fun, to meet the needs of customers in my stores; then, thanks to my experience and my courage, it became a reality. The industry and fashion fairs from Milan to Paris confirmed my intuition, seeing us achieve national and international distribution. Celebrities, influencers, Italian and international magazines, images on social media… have also increased the popularity of the brand.

What are the greatest satisfactions of your achievements?

Above all, having won the wager of turning a hobby into a business that works, then seeing my glasses worn by popular figures like the Italian television personality Maria De Filippi, who without any publicity deal wears them simply due to personal preference.

What are your next goals?

We represent one of the few examples of real 100% Made in Italy. We wish to highlight this by ever improving our image and its diffusion in the world of global communication (and not only for workers in the industry) so that Kyme is known and recognised as it deserves to be.

In which countries is Kyme stronger? Where would you like to be or to boost your presence?

I want to expand the penetration of the Italian market, to further leverage the customer and then strengthen the markets in France, Spain and Belgium.

What is the secret to Kyme’s success?

The quality of the materials and our research into style and aesthetic forms with regard to comfort and wearability; plus, it is certainly also the cost that makes Kyme a product with a unique quality/price ratio.