Notes | May 14, 2019

L.G.R – Raw #2 Limited Edition

Daring accessories with a powerful visual impact, the RAW #2 limited edition sunglasses evoke images of the ultimate fighter walking into the contemporary arena

words Editorial Staff

Massawa, Tripoli, Orchid and Turkana are the names of the new models of RAW #2 Limited Edition by L.G.R. This new collection is the continuation of L.G.R’s RAW series. Conceived from the idea of combining a raw unfinished frame with high performance technical lenses. This second edition is based on the concept of a futuristic mask protecting the wearer from the urban environment. The wraparound mirrored lenses in midnight blue hues are anti-scratch and impact resistant. The advanced anti-reflective treatments are combined with a hardening process to make the external surface more resistant and less sensitive to dirt and fogging.