Notes | September 30, 2019

Snob Milano – Technological innovation

Snob Milano presents the world-wide preview of an innovative patent pending eyeglasses/clip solution at the autumn shows

words Editorial Staff

Vün, Dü, Trì: in Milanese dialect this means one, two, three and these are also the names of the new models by Snob Milano. Snob Milano’s designers have succeeded in overcoming the arduous challenge of applying a mask with magnetic clip-on to a glasant. How? By completing the study and registration of a patent that required 2 years of development and engineering. The result is an incredibly light pair of spectacles made in three shapes – pantos, rectangular and cateye. With the irreverent irony that has distinguished the brand since its debut, these models have been called Vün, Dü, Trì to signify the 3 pieces made in 3 variants.

But the magnetic clip-on specialists did not stop here and have also produced new developments on the main line. The Quader, Umbi and Paròn models, for example, introduce a brand-new metal clip. All this is particularly light and pioneering compared with what the market currently offers. The result is so successful that it is difficult to realise that these are not simple sunglasses but a mobile clip. Sciura and Madama are instead two feminine forms with generous sizes, distinguished by the application of rhinestones on some versions/colours: on the frame for the first model, on the clip-on for the second. Finally, the Quattro model enables a very fast lens change thanks to powerful magnets applied on the frame of the double lens. There are two colours available, with a smoked lens and a gold mirror, equipped with all the coatings necessary for the practice of “stressful” sport, from anti-fog to anti-scratch. The foam of the mask is also specially shaped to be able to wear your own eyeglasses under the mask.