Notes | October 24, 2019

Transitions – #lovelight

#lovelight is the influencer project by Transitions aiming to involve Millenials

words Editorial Staff

#lovelight is the influencer project by Transitions which is born and lives on social networks and has as its main vehicle a one-million-follower top influencer: Federica Pellegrini. Since 1990, its many years of experience in light management allowed the invention of a series of “photosensitive” lenses – clearer outdoors, darker indoors – which combine a successful mix of technology, protection and style. Even though until now photochromatic lenses were considered a product meant for over 45 people, today they aim to reach a younger target, too: millennials, the generation whose age goes from 23 and 38 that counts 13 million individuals in Italy.

In this perfect analogy of values, starting from September 2019 we are going to see Federica  interpreting Transitions in her everyday life through her Instagram profile (@kikkafede88) in a mix of sport and beauty, like a real champion of style. The team is completed by 4 influencers: Irene Colzi (@ireneccloset) interprets the fashion side and the colours; Digital Modern Family (@digitalmodernfamily), a family made by photographers, a realistic glimpse of Western society, will give space to the lifestyle experience told by a mum, dad and daughter; Giovanni Masiero (@giovannimasiero), model and athlete, will reveal the sports-glamourous soul of the brand, the geek Jacopo D’Alesio (@jakidale), e-games youtuber, will express Transitions’ smart and technological side. Five influencers, a 8-million target of fans to whom the brand will be showed, 2 of the most followed social networks (Facebook and Instagram), 4 months of posts, videos and stories on their profiles and on the profile of Transitions Italia: an enormous visibility on the target audience. A strategy aimed to catch the attention and trust of the Millennial Generation.