Notes | October 21, 2019

Xavier Garcia – Audacious design

Synthetic design, color and the introduction of titanium characterize the new models by Xavier Garcia

words Editorial Staff

Don’t be scared to dare. Xavier Garcia believes in audacious design that enhances the materials, form and colour of his products. The aesthetics of Xavier Garcia evoke a deep sense of clarity, elegant simplicity and taste, intensified by an attention to craftsmanship always receptive to different forms of experimentation.
Xavier Garcia presents  23 new models for the AW/19 Collection divided in two different branches: Craftsmanship: 12 models that represent the part of the evolution branch that follows the essence of the brand: artisanal work of high quality laminated materials, bold lines, vivid colors, and daring and trendy new shapes for both acetate and steel block models. Six for women: Bea, Blanes, Davinia, Chantal and six for men: Salat, Salva (in the picture), Saura, Salip, Stan and Seco.
Innovation: together with refined colour ranges and synthetic design, the introduction of titanium as the emblematic material of the collection takes the brand to the next level, communicating the search for functionality and wearability that has always distinguished its philosophy. 
Xavier Garcia presents in this innovative branch 11 models: six light acetate models with stainless steel temples, four for women and two for men (Faina, Felisa, Galia, Gea / Sampol, Siset) and five metal models with beta-titanium temples allergy-free, three for women and two for men (Carmela, Cecile, Celia / Travis, Seco).