Notes | November 5, 2019

Le Wood – From Incas to Bauhaus

Aluminum-magnesium and solid wood are the two natural materials juxtaposed to create Le Wood, the new frames created by Rigards and Uma Wang

words Antonella Reina

«Our eyeglasses are made with skill and heart» they say at Rigards. The eyewear brand, well known for its unmistakable style, has a special fondness for working with natural materials and is proud to offer sustainable products to wearers looking for high-quality luxury. They demonstrate this with Le Wood, one of the latest releases, which saw its debut during the Uma Wang Fall/Winter 2019 runway show, in Paris Fashion Week. Made in collaboration with the talented Chinese fashion designer, these special frames were designed to complete some of the outfits inspired by the Andes and the Inca period. Reflecting the clean pared-down approach the new sunglasses are not only an ode to the ancient place of the Incas (which today is earth’s last refuge for biodiversity) but are also a special tribute to Bauhaus – the German design philosophy which promoted functionality through essential shapes and the mix of artisanal techniques. In line with the movement’s approach (which this year marks its centenary) the frames show a deceptively unfussy shape made from two natural materials with opposing properties and belonging to two different worlds of traditions, skills and associations. The perfectly round rims are crafted from aluminium-magnesium – a strong, lightweight and highly recyclable material, while the frame’s thick bridge and sturdy temples are in solid wood – rich in natural oils and possessing a dense grain structure that gives it a hard-wearing warm beauty.