Interviews | November 8, 2019

Gigi Studios – A new path

Patricia Ramo started working in the family company when she was 21 and she transformed a company focused on the national market, into Gigi Studios: a top quality, international brand

words Elisa Zanetti

Gigi Barcelona has just become Gigi Studios. Why?

The main reason is to move away from other brands that use the Barcelona naming. Gigi Studios has a much more global scope and its value lies more in the design and creative process. In spite of the fact that our roots are still closely linked to Barcelona, Gigi Studios has become a highly potential international brand.

What is the secret of this success?

Gigi Studios’ success is linked to my family history. My father learnt from his father and I, from a very young age, helped at trade fairs and spent hours and hours in the family workshop as well as alongside my father in the company. My father took the time to pass on all his knowledge in the field to me. I have always been interested in fashion and trends and I suppose that I have a knack for predicting this and passing it on to an essential element such as frames. I have great fun creating the collections and directing the brand’s creativity, but the aspect I love most is my work as the CEO: setting down the strategy, the privilege of leading a highly talented team and the everyday supervision work.
My father Luis is in charge of the technical part of product development.

Where do you find inspiration?

In travelling, art, poetry and music and also in using social media. It is ideal for discovering subtle, yet authentic trend details.

What is Gigi Studios’ philosophy?

Impeccable design and top quality. We pay attention to the details in everything. I want the brand to be an aesthetic benchmark. Another essential factor is to be environmentally friendly, avoiding single use plastics and opting for very durable, biodegradable material.

Gigi Studios is experiencing great growth worldwide. How do you achieve becoming a global brand?

It is based on the level of ambition, hard work and perseverance in the everyday tasks. We are a young and dynamic company. We are not afraid of the challenges and we set ourselves high goals. Our quality and design are global and they are the elements that have put us where we are now.
The design of our glasses and campaign pictures have gained us much recognition. We also have a solid sales network in many countries and I am proud of it.

What is the news for next season?

We have the best collection that we have ever designed! I also would highlight the opening of a showroom in the center of Barcelona and the consolidation of our sales network in countries such as Germany, UK and Scandinavia. We also have great growth plans all over the American continent.

You are very young and a designer who loves fashion… Maybe one day we will also be seeing Gigi Studios clothes?

I studied fashion design in London and I am very interested in it. I’m always ready for new challenges. However, we still have a long way to go in the eyewear sector. I enjoy managing projects and at the moment, as I have always been very ambitious, the sky is my limit.