Notes | November 4, 2019

The golden age of Dalloz Creations

The look’s aesthetics are a combination of beauty and excellence. Meye Precious: the world’s first collection of sun lenses in precious materials – entirely Made in France

words Emma Noir

The mountains of the Jura region are the historic cradle of French eyewear and in the shadow of the biggest names in luxury, Dalloz Creations established itself fifty years ago on the high-end international market thanks to its patented technology, quality and the speed of immersion of its sunglasses. Inventor of Cridalon polycarbonate lenses and Cridal eco-friendly material, it currently exports 90% of its Made in France products and is the benchmark for as many as 200 eyewear brands. Driven by a passion for luxury and technology, in 2007 it began an unprecedented collaboration with the world of jewellery. Although eyewear and jewellery have some affinities, including the sense of precision and the attention for details, it is the first time that a producer of lenses has approached this universe, thus accepting a challenge that is not easy. After a years of intense research and thanks to its know-how and attitude to research, the pioneering and patented project Meye Precious came to life: the first collection of sun lenses in precious materials.

“Strengthened by our patent and our Meye Precious brand, we are the only ones in the world to be able to deposit gold and platinum on sun lenses” stated Dalloz Creations, in this regard. Meye Precious chose some precious materials as its sought-after allies, such as 18, 24 carat yellow, pink, white and green gold, white platinum and amber platinum, and even rhodium. The latest creative effort of the French brand is the Meye Precious Premium range that embodies absolute luxury. Combining a hydrophobic treatment and an anti-reflective coating, the new Premium Meye Precious range is a must have. The exclusive AR treatment exalts the gold colour and intensifies the brilliance of the precious metals. Moreover, from a technical point of view, Meye Precious Premium is in fact a small jewel because it can significantly reduce the annoying reflections of sunlight, considerably enhancing the visual comfort of the wearer. Another flagship of the company is the Meye Precious Polar collection of polarised lenses in pure gold and platinum. Designed for those who dream of technical eyewear that is also luxurious, it is the perfect liaison between sport and haute couture. The journey into the world of luxury by Dalloz Creations puts technology at the service of refinement, forming a union destined to create numerous followers. Welcome to the Golden Age… Made in France.