Notes | December 10, 2019

Jean-François Rey – Homage to Lennon

Designed in the 80s by Jean-François Rey, Lennon and Imagine are updated with today’s materials and technologies

words Editorial Staff

“Imagine there’s no heaven/ it’s easy if you try/ no hell below us/ above us only sky/ imagine all the people/ living for today…” Jean-François Rey renews its homage to Lennon updating Lennon and Imagine, two iconic concepts from the 1985 collection. Designed in the 80s, they are updated with today’s materials and technologies and fit perfectly into the current trends in urban fashion and contemporary lifestyle. The design is imagined around a trendy round shape that gets the look and character with a note of Blue Klein finely applied on the bridge (single or double): a small colorful graphic detail , a fun touch, that gives the models its graphic aesthetic unique and contemporary look. The minimalist style and the architectural spirit of the frames underline the finesse of the metal and draw a strong, elegant and very identity of the JF REY design.