Notes | December 11, 2019

Jooly – Ready for the sun

Jooly launches four sun models with  an original construction

words Editorial Staff

Detailed. This is the perfect adjective to describe Jooly’s proposal. The brand is launching a chic and discreetly charming SUN range. The four models feature an original construction: 
the basic design consists of slim rims and a bridge in gold or rose gold metal.
 Depending on the individual model, these are either inserted into an acetate frame, or embellished with a raised matt metal browbar. The second version offers a delightful interplay of striking matt/gloss contrasts, from the front to the end of the endtips. To create a soft look, Jooly has gone for powder shades; for a more assertive style, there is the acetate tor- toiseshells or black/gold metal versions.
 And on two models, you’ll find an extra little touch of creativity: decorative plant patterns in gold at the corner of the eye.