Notes | January 10, 2020

Adam Selman + Le Specs – New shapes

The latest collection by Adam Selman and Le Specs proposes a series of head-turning sunglasses that are guaranteed to demand attention

words Antonella Reina

From prêt-à-porter to athleisure to eyewear. Adam Selman’s professional journey is underpinned by a series of challenges which highlight all of his talent. His creativity and style are recognized and appreciated above all by celebrities. The collaboration with Le Specs began in 2015 with the creation of the coveted cat-eye model, ‘The Last Lolita’, whose success was laid down by stars such as Gigi Hadid and Zoë Kravitz, who by wearing it on several occasions contributed to it becoming a best seller in 2017. “It is the most important thing in this industry. People need to be reminded… Then people catch on and (think),” said Selman in an interview. Since then, the iconic Australian eyewear brand designed by Hamish Tame and the New York fashion designer, have continued to join forces offering a series of eye-catching eyewear collections. The latest one dates
back to the last summer but its echo reaches to today and will last at least until the next release from this special creative union. Inspired by the classic detailing and high-sheen hues of muscle cars and roadsters, the four new sunglass styles focus on innovative construction techniques, incorporating sleek lines, lacquered metal, and contoured shapes. A perfect example is ‘The Luxx’ (in the pictures), a wrapped frame featuring a new take on the side-lens and in bright colours: it is contoured with fender lines to boot. But Selman’s preference goes to another model, ‘The Monster’. “I
love the lines and curve on it,” he says. “It looks deceptively simple and familiar, but it’s really ferocious once you put it on.”