Brands | February 25, 2020

Hoffmann Natural – Too young for horn?

The German brand makes us discover the new face of horn with the S-line and Ti-line collections

words Editorial Staff

What is the meaning of to innovate? It is the introduction of changes and new ideas. And this is exactly what Hoffman Natural Eyewear does. The German brand takes from the past and from its history using natural materials and horn, to always introduce something new. So, put aside the idea of horn-rimmed glasses as something old, forget old-fashioned styles from ancient movies and of clumpy, black, horn models with thick lenses for the ‘rich-in-years’ and get ready to discover the new face of this material with the S-line collection and Ti-line collections: both perfectly suitable even for the youngest wearer. The S-line models from Hoffmann Natural Eyewear are created with a full-horn front and temples – a perfect stage on which beautiful, individual horn patterns play the leading role, whilst in Ti-line, the versatility and diversity of horn is combined with contemporary titanium for an uncluttered look; with clear lines, naturalness and flair. Are you ready to change?