Notes | February 21, 2020

Pioneering Counterweight

The new Caliber collection by Vinylize is inspired by the philosophy of firearm design, emphasizing its precision, reliability and balance

Editorial Staff

Unveiled recently during several secret showings in Paris and Las Vegas, the new Caliber collection created by Vinylize provoked a powerful response. This does not surprise us at all. First of all, because the new frames are made using upcycled spent cartridge cases, revealing among other things, that ‘transmutation of base metals into noble metals’ might be a possible strong trend in eyewear – it is not by chance that our editorial team gave the name Alchemy to the main focus of this new issue. However, back to Vinylize: a pioneer in recycling materials, the brand is the first to creatively reuse spent ammunition in eyewear. “I wanted the Caliber collection to be the best eyewear my customers could ever buy,” says the founder Zack Tipton. “This means they need to last. The metals we’ve selected will stay strong for decades. Because Vinylize is always pushing the envelope when it comes to style, I wanted to make something stylish out of a very ugly thing. Some of my customers saw the collection and said they’d take every piece. If I can elicit such a powerful emotion, that’s a great thing.”