Brands | March 17, 2020

Kaleos – The perfect match

From now on, Kaleos is divided into three collections: Standard collection, Statement and Titanium

words Editorial Staff

The Spanish brand Kaleos is launching its most extensive collection of new products to date. There are 40 new models in the new Spring/Summer 2020 collection – Natural Sculptures, but that’s not all. From now on, Kaleos is divided into three collections: each one of them interprets and develops a unique version of the brand, generating three different design trends, yet all have the unmistakable stamp of the brand’s DNA, and are, as always, of the highest quality. Everyone will find the frames best suited to them and will be able to change them according to their mood, or discover different styles. Standard collection, Statement and Titanium are the names of these three proposals: the first one has essential forms and a fine structure with a unique distinguished look, the second one explores latest trends and bold shapes and is designed to stand out, whilst the third one, Titanium, is a guarantee of top-quality frames with a contemporary attitude. Which one fits you best?