Notes | March 10, 2020

KreuzbergKinder – Breaking the rules

Berlin-based company KreuzbergKinder is pushing the boundaries of eyewear, because they know what it means to be free

words Enrico S. Benincasa

Are you able to give a complete definition of the word ‘freedom’? We may give a reply to this question for sure, although probably each one of us would provide a different answer. What we do know for sure is the answer that KreuzbergKinder’s founder Gili Shani would give: “Being free is about breaking the rules. It’s about tagging your name on a wall on a moonless night. It’s about planting a kiss on a lover’s lips, and who cares about their gender. It’s about embracing your own contrasts and passions regardless of what anyone else thinks.” The Berlin photographer and trendsetter has translated his idea of freedom into eyewear collections, taking inspiration from what he sees in real people from Kreuzberg, where he lives. Berlin’s famous neighbourhood has been one of the cultural hearts of Europe for many years; chosen by artists, designers, DJs and musicians as their home, it is also the location of KreuzbergKinder’s flagship store, in Rathausstrasse.

The collections include sunglass and optical frames made with different materials, such as acetates and metals, and mix as many different style influences as can be seen by walking in the streets of Kreuzberg. Creating quality eyewear pieces is Gili’s and his team’s mission but, as he says himself, “with a tag price that I can afford.” So only one question remains: Are you ready to break the rules?