Brands | March 5, 2020

Modo – Enduring lightness

The company’s thirty-year heritage and its vocation for lightness are celebrated by an advertising campaign set in a special place…

words Alessandra Albarello

Modo’s story is that of a long and adventurous journey beginning in 1990 with the opening of an exclusive eyewear showroom in New York. Its success was immediate. The brand pleases because of its clean and stylish design, offering pure aesthetics with Italian charm and an international vocation. At a time when the world’s most important fashion names were emerging, Modo adopted a decidedly contrarian strategy, targeting a medium-high segment and, above all, a market niche comprising consumers who pay more attention to the uniqueness of a product than to the brand. Indeed, Modo’s motto has always been “Eyewear for the individual” because, as Giovanni Lo Faro, CEO of Modo International points out: “For thirty years, we have been offering eyeglass wearers the opportunity to define their own style with personality, rather than following seasonal trends which, by their very nature, are more fluid and unstable. Today, more than ever, we are interacting with informed, discerning and design-sensitive consumers.” To achieve its goal, from the outset, Modo also focused on a diversified offering, on quality, innovation and consequently on eyewear’s intrinsic value: principles that remain fundamental for the company today. To all this, we should also add their constant commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, an integral part of the corporate mission, as Giovanni Lo Faro enthusiastically announced: “With Modo’s ‘Help a Child See’ programme, together with our partner Seva Foundation, we have helped over 1 million children in India with a comprehensive eyecare plan. At the same time, we foster sustainability with our Eco brand, the eyewear collection made entirely from recycled or natural materials and which, thanks to the Eco ‘One Frame – One Tree’ initiative, has enabled us to plant over 2 million trees since 2009, in collaboration with Trees For The Future.” Time has certainly refined and strengthened Modo’s identity. Its three locations around the world represent its history and its diverse, yet complementary, souls: New York, Milan and Stockholm. A triangle of locations which is the emblem of a single, coherent and independent path: the dynamic and concrete spirit of the big cities, the importance of Italian origins and a unique savoir-faire, a minimalist style… It is the Scandinavian design in particular that influences certain aesthetic choices oriented towards material minimisation, towards the purity and functionality of form. Indeed, it is lightness that poses Modo’s most important challenge, as the company experiments with new material combinations and chromatic illusions, because colour is also the protagonist of this narrative.

From this project have emerged the Paper-Thin collections, which were begun a long time ago, and especially the Paper-Thin Rimless eyewear in Beta-titanium, with interchangeable coloured temples, monobloc bridge, hinges without screws and adjustable end-pieces. Nothing is left to chance and every choice undergoes stringent quality considerations, such as the HCD (High Chromatic Definition) polarized lenses with anti-reflective treatment to offer 100% protection from UVA and UVB rays. Further variations of the same theme are the Paper-Thin Acetate collection, where the thin titanium rims continue to use translucent acetate, available in bright colours; or the Paper-Thin Ultra collection, setting new records in lightness, whose models feature a Beta-titanium ultra-thin structure combined with TR90 polyamide. Conversely, the R 1000 + Titanium collection is all about extreme flexibility, where the memory plastic of the front matches the titanium temples with innovative screwless hinges. Decidedly modern structural concepts that, whilst visually fragile, prove extremely sturdy, comfortable and resistant, designed to last over time. A refined design befitting the context of the Artipelag art gallery in Stockholm–home to the new Modo campaign. Indeed, communication is fundamental for the company, as Giovanni Lo Faro explains: “We rely on an internal Marketing office (M Stockholm) and on maximum creative freedom. This has enabled us to consistently build the image of our brand. We are investing to enhance our digital presence: from sites dedicated to our brands, to the growing activity on our social channels and the creation of multimedia content. Mido is an opportunity to globally present our latest campaign ‘Lasting Lightness since 1990’, which celebrates the brand’s heritage and our eyewear’s focus on lightness.” In this way, since that distant 1990, Modo has created a continuity with its heritage, from which it has drawn all the experience, capacity and flexibility necessary to learn and rework the new ways of expressing contemporary life, thus managing to offer eyewear in line with the trends. Lightweight indeed but never ephemeral.