Interviews | March 31, 2020

Q&A – Good’s

After a lifetime in the eyewear industry, Piero Buono is now starting over for good, rediscovering Naples’ roots, his hometown, with Good’s

words Editorial Staff

Where did the idea for Good’s come from?

‘Good’s is the nickname that my friends have always known me by. The brand concept begins with my personal history and the strong link with Naples, my hometown. As a child, I spent every afternoon in my father’s optician shop. By sheer chance, Good’s headquarters are in the same downtown building where my father sent me to pick up lenses.

How is this connection with Naples expressed?

Good’s is a mixture of history, soul, sustainability and elegance. Eyewear is but an excuse to talk about the art and culture of Naples, a city that historically has been influenced by the whole world. At Mido we’ll be presenting our first collection: the ‘Architecture’ collection, in a limited edition from 1 to 90. The glasses have been designed according to the style of the architects who have best expressed concepts of elegance and innovation in Naples’ history. The meticulous workmanship carried out by artisans from Cadore has enabled architectural elements taken from some of the city’s most iconic churches to be reproduced to scale and set within the frame itself. In addition to the six models closely related to architecture, there is a seventh model that introduces the next collection–the ‘Book’ collection.

Are you alone in this adventure?

I have two partners: the architect Francesco Maria Stazio deals with architectural research and Walter William Engle deals with the digital development of the brand.

How do you deal the issue of sustainability?

The glasses of our first collection are all produced in M49 acetate, the new Mazzucchelli bioplastic which is biodegradable and recyclable. Even the stand we present at Mido, built with the bridge boards used for the restoration of churches, is entirely sustainable. Not surprisingly, we have been selected to compete for the new ‘Stand up for green’ award. At the fair, we will also be presenting a certified work of the artist Maurizio Rodriguez. It will then be cut into 90 parts and presented to our customers.