Brands | March 27, 2020

Tavat – Exploring a new concept

New frames featuring contemporary shapes and colours and showcasing precision and refinement: this is the Tavat Milled collection, a reinterpretation of the iconic SoupCan

words Marilena Roncarà

Four models: 2 sunglasses and 2 optical frames. Arriving May 2020. This spring, Tavat launches a new concept: ‘Milled’, which as the name suggests, uses new materials together with advanced technology to further explore the SoupCan design. Each frame has been milled from 5millimeter sheets of bronze and through elaborate machining techniques to arrive at a revisited version of the SoupCan design. The overall result is a modern collection featuring contemporary shapes and colours and showcasing precision and refinement. Tavat glasses combine the latest in manufacturing technologies whilst always remaining true to their artisan roots. Precision craftsmanship merges distinctive identity with industrial strength. Each frame undergoes more than 100 production and handmade steps, and is meticulously quality controlled throughout each work cycle. Moreover, each frame is created with focus, precision and passion and celebrates the know-how of individuals who have decades of experience. The ‘Milled’ collection is characterized by the thickness of the frame which has now been reduced to 3mm without compromising the integrity of the original design. Other characteristic features are an anti-rotation screw inside the watch crown hinge assembly and the rim-lock under the nose which is a new concept. The overall objective in presenting a new production method is to allow Tavat to provide additional shapes that complement their SoupCan 2.0 collection.