Notes | April 1, 2020

Caroline Abram – #carolineathome

Caroline Abram advises every day tips and ideas to her community  and offers the possibility to win her sunglasses through a contest

words Editorial Staff

Deeply concerned by the actual situation, Caroline Abram put her communication on pause, to propose everyday a Feel Good selection on Instagram and Facebook. To make this con nement sweeter, the brand has decided to give strenght to her community, through small tips and ideas. Everyday, Caroline Abram will propose some recipes, books, yoga classes, or make-up tutorials.

Every week, the community can win sunglasses for themselves and for their opticians! Caroline Abram asks to create a beautiful still life image, at home with their frames. You just have to post the image, and tagg the brand and their optician. Each week it will be 3 winners ! Each one will get a pair for herslef and 2 for her optician.