Brands | April 10, 2020

EOE Eyewear – Johnny be green!

EOE Eyewear is blowing out its first 10 candles in style: with a campaign that celebrates its early creations and with new frames for every month of the year

words Carolina Saporiti

Every year sees the emergence of new ‘green’ brands that are environmentally conscious and which adopt sustainable production solutions by using recycled materials and creating biodegradable products. This is not true only in the field of fashion, but also in eyewear.

In this sphere, the Swedish brand EOE Eyewear holds a record: created as a sustainable enterprise in 2010, last year it launched Regrind, the world’s first collection of glasses made with 100% recycled materials. In 2020, the company turns 10 and has decided to celebrate in style: “For us it is an incredible achievement. We still feel like children within the industry, but we will celebrate by opening our first store,” says Emilia Lindmark, founder of the brand. The shop will open in Bibliotekstan, Stockholm’s central shopping street, as: “we hope to bring a piece of Swedish Lapland to the city.” It does not end there, however. In blowing out its first 10 candles, EOE Eyewear will also launch ‘The First Ten’, a new campaign which features the brand’s first frames which have been revised and are made using Lappish materials. It is a way of remembering where it all started and how far the brand has come today. EOE Eyewear was the first company on the market to launch a sustainable eyewear collection free from the phthalates normally used in manufacturing, and now it is the leading eco-friendly eyewear brand in Scandinavia; producing all its glasses in a sustainable way and using completely recyclable and biodegradable materials. Last year saw another milestone: putting a stop to waste. Every year millions of glasses are thrown away without being recycled, and so EOE Eyewear has created platforms, known as Regrind, for the collection of old or broken glasses which are then disassembled and recycled to create new ones. “We started selling prescription glasses in clothing stores, as accessories,” says Emilia, “now we produce prescription glasses and sunglasses that are mainly sold in opticians stores.” However their values have never changed: “We have always made classic frames, but now we also work with materials from Lapland, such as stones, reindeer horns and birch, and we are also researching other solutions.”

The respect for the environment is a constant: “We want to have the least possible impact on nature. And we can always do better. Regrind is an excellent example of this.” Now this project also aims to grow through others: EOE Eyewear will ask opticians and brands to send them old frames to help them in their goal of creating a circular economy. “For us, it is important that we are not the only ones doing something. Sustainability is for everyone.” This is not an easy route to follow. Even though sustainability is now a universal philosophy which increasing numbers of people are taking to heart, in the beginning it was by no means easy to convince opticians to sell eco acetate and to find the right people for the company’s growth. “In order to build a company and a brand you really need the right people who are not afraid of challenges and who share your values,” concludes Emilia. Through their celebrations this year, EOE Eyewear will therefore continue to develop EOE Regrind and the new frames will be enriched by colours and decorative materials: “From March onwards, every month we will present new frames made with typical Lappish materials.”