Notes | May 14, 2020

Götti Perspective
- More than rimless

Each shape of Götti Perspective is available in three different sizes: Rimless, Loop and Bold versions

words Editorial Staff

Free your imagination: this is what the collection Götti Perspective seems to tell us. The collection is based on a straightforward system consisting of various single components, resulting in unique styles and color combinations. The entire collection is clearly structured and implies limit- less options and combinations – each shape is available in three different sizes, as well as in Rimless, Loop, and Bold versions, and for limited shapes also as a Space version. Thanks to the strong commitment of Sven Götti to creating his own manufacturing facility in Switzerland, the glasses are produce in-house and this possibility leaves lots of room for flexibility.

Strictly minimalistic with ultimate lightness – the rimless variant is incredibly comfortable to wear and a sophisticated and straightforward statement. The wafer-thin Loop rim emphasizes the lens shape
- forming gentle color accents, while the variable contour thickness of the distinct Bold rim results
in an even more pronounced expression. A distinctive layout of the line creates a striking personality for spirited trendsetters and strong individualists. Color combinations are also limitless: nose pads, temple tips, lens connectors, as well as rims are available in more than ten different colors, which can be freely combined with one another.