Notes | June 30, 2020

EOE – It’s time to recycle

The Swedish brand has introduced Regrind, the world’s first eyewear collection made from recycled eyewear

words Editorial Staff

Last year EOE Eyewear introduced a complete recycling loop for the eyewear industry, the first of its kind. Together with selected partners, EOE Eyewear collects old glasses before they end up as waste in the nature. 98% of the material is recycled and the “new” recycled material is made into new eyewear called EOE Regrind. In collaboration with a number of industry partners and organizations such as the Nordic eyewear company Synsam and Vision for All, EOE has set up recycling stations to collect old glasses.

In a factory in northern Sweden, the collected glasses are dismantled and sorted into different color and quality schemes. Thereafter the recycling process begins: the glasses are shattered into small pieces and the metallic parts are filtered out. The result from the process – the regrinding – is millions of small, irregular pieces of acetate which is the new raw material. The acetate pieces are put together into new bricks, by high pressure and heat. The new frames are cut out from the bricks and put together with metallic pieces made of Swedish recycled steel. 

‘When we started EOE Eyewear in 2010 it was with a sustainable ambition and we chose to only use biodegradable acetate. Now we have been working for over three years to take it to the next level and to find a way to break new ground and close the loop. Proud to present the first of its kind; a world unique innovation where we can take broken and worn out eyewear and turn them into new,’ states Emilia Lindmark, Founder of EOE Eyewear.