Brands | June 3, 2020

Leinz Eyewear – Contrasts and hybrids

Leinz Eyewear is a  brand new eyewear label with an unusually courageous design approach

words Editorial Staff

Leinz Eyewear is a brand new eyewear label with an original and exciting design approach. The founder Beate Leinz, explains us why she has decide to create a new eyewear brand.

“For more than 20 years I was working successfully as an eyewear designer for famous fashion houses. After all this time, setting repeatedly industry trends by creating ground-breaking visions, I was keen to create a completely new aesthetic. I decided to produce my distinctive style under an independent eyewear label. Then I came across the subject of ‘contrasts and hybrids’. I consistently applied this concept to all aspects: materiality, form and manufacture. Ultimately, the particular design concept not only combines two dissimilar materials, but also traditional Italian craftsmanship with high-end German 3D-technology. The design is based on an innovative, plug-in construction, in which the individual components combine neatly. The interconnection of the various sculptural elements characterizes the design and creates a contemporary and futuristic appearance. The choice of materials makes the frame light and comfortable to wear. The contrasting components and their properties, such as transparency versus mass, creates expressive, graphic accents that frame the eye strikingly while creating an elegant, sensuous look.”