Fairs | September 30, 2020

Hall of Frames – A little report

More than 40 eyewear brands and five partner companies offered an impressive variety of beautiful eyewear at Hall of Frames 2020

words Editorial Staff

Two weeks have passed since the end of Hall of Frames (HOF) and it’s time to take a little stock. During two days, more than 40 eyewear brands and five partner companies offered an impressive variety of beautiful eyewear, innovative products and contemporary services. Organising a trade fair in the current environment, which is still strongly influenced by the Corona theme, presented a number of challenges. The organisers were committed to ensuring the safety of all exhibitors and visitors by means of a comprehensive safety concept. Even though the Canton of Zurich tightened its safety regulations shortly before the fair, which made face masks compul- sory, the worst case scenario – the cancellation of the fair due to tightened cantonal regulations – did not happen. The implementation of the safety concept worked very well. Thanks to the latter, it was also possible to ensure that the visitors passed by every stall. HOF has thus proved that it is possible to hold a small trade fair even in Corona times. The fact that HOF was held under these special circumstances is a strong positive signal for the industry.

The variety of shapes, colours and materials on display was enormous, both for prescription and sunglasses. The creativity of the eyewear designers seems inexhaustible. It is not easy to find clear trends in the collections presented. Basically, it can be said that the design language is becoming clearer again: more angular, flatter and with wider edges. The core of exhibitors includes independent brands and niche suppliers. In terms of sustainability, the HOF has achieved its goals: apart from a few empty cardboard boxes, bottles and brochures, which were all sent for recycling, very little waste was produced. In the follow-up to the fair, the CO2 produced by the event is offset via the myclimat.org platform. We are proud that this year, for the first time, the HOF could be held completely climate-neutral. See you next year!