Notes | September 24, 2020

Lightbird – Light_Mirror

The Belluno brand launches Light_Mirror, a collection with frames in Pure Copper and Brass

words Editorial Staff

Back to the past, following in the footsteps of the Egyptians and the ancient Romans. Light_Mirror is the new collection byLightbird that combines two unconventional materials: Pure Copper, already present in the Pyramids, and Brass, widely used in the Roman Empire. Both these materials are joint to Cellulose Acetate to create unique, light and shiny frames, thanks to the innovative gluing system patented by the Belluno brand.

Businessman, Flower, Snake and Baobab models result shinier than ever, thanks to the natural characteristics of the materials, the mirror polishing and the special coating that helps keeping their shininess unchanged over time. A metal and alloy in constant evolution find today in Light_Mirror a new cutting-edge application in the eyewear field, which leads to a further valorization of their preciousness.Copper and brass here become conductors, not only physical, but also of style and elegance.