Notes | October 30, 2020

Face a Face – The power of art

Art inspiration, colours and fantasy are the keys for the new Fall Winter proposals by Face a Face

words Editorial Staff

Art inspiration, colors and fantasy are the keys for the new proposals by Face a Face. Its latest creations are featured on Unveiled, a collection fashioned with artistic flair where others have never gone before. Pascal Jaulent, cofounder and Chief Creative Officer, together with the Face a Face’s team of talented designers play with the senses while reversing perceptions of the past. This season, frames are imagined and crafted paying homage to goliaths of art!
Hollow (in the picture above) introduces an exceptional concept creating transparency of graphic dimension. In this glasses neon touches punctuate the transparent temple tips, seeming suspended in air while glittery and pearly tones highlight its futuristic spirit. Combined with precision machined underlines, contoured crystalline detailing, and multi textured surfaces – the acetate transforms into an illusion of light.

Meanwhile a new generation of Bocca completes the work achieved in 2019. Bocca Pixel is a set of extruded cubes and the new Bocca is entirely pixelated. The mythical shoe becomes abstract, recognizable only by insiders. Bocca Pixel 3 – 4 are characterized by digital aesthetics, with a palette of shading tones and bicolour fronts that reinforce the visual evocation of a staircase and vertiginous spirit of these iconic frames.
The Op Art hallmarks are reincarnated into the warm Bahia (in the picture above). Cut and open frames reveal a sensual entity with assertive curves available in two new shapes for this Fall – panto or square – each incorporated with an integrated flex-hinge. Like a colored nugget set between two exotic arcades, its tangy notes stand out creating a range of gourmet flavors never tasted before.