Notes | November 19, 2020

Bayria Eyewear – To Lucio Fontana

Bayria Eyewear presents its first special edition inspired to Lucio Fontana, the great Italian master of the XX century.

words Editorial Staff

Bayria Eyewear, a brand created by Attilio Daniele in 2018, launched its first special edition collection inspired to Lucio Fontana, the great Italian painter, sculptor and ceramist of ‘900 and also founder of Spatialism. The line is essential, with total black sunglasses, made of Osaka shiny black acetate. The frames are in contrast with the cosmetic lenses in flash colors: orange, lime green and light blue. “To Lucio Fontana” is a model with an extremely defined and geometric form, with a double temple that creates light effects between shiny and matte. The particularity of this frame is the incision on the plate, that takes inspiration from Fontana’s art. This special edition is available in 100 pieces, each with a different incision, handcrafted in Italy and has recently won the first prize at international contest Graziella Pagni Award, category Design.