Notes | November 9, 2020

Emmanuelle Khanh-2020 FW Collection

The lines of the new season of Emmanuelle Khanh present a timeless wardrobe in search of absolute, bourgeois and glamorous, matched with frame chains.

words Editorial Staff

Emmanuelle Khanh is all about creating products that last, frames that are bold but still wearable and silhouettes that give people confidence in the way they can express their styles. The new season lines draw a timeless wardrobe in search of absolute, bourgeois and glamorous. Animal prints and glittered acetate bring the 80s up to date into two precious editions, always to be worn and matched with frame chains that have become statement pieces of Eva Gaumé creation for Emmanuelle Khanh. The lines highlight 50 years of craftsmanship, local production, and artisanal savoir-faire. Everyday, the magnificence of the frames pays tribute to the craftsmen who shape each piece by hand, with the greatest care and the highest expertise. Click here to see the video of FW20 collection.