Notes | November 6, 2020

Götti – The Dimension Collection

The Dimension Collection by Götti, expanded with four new models, is characterized by style and pure harmony

words Editorial Staff

Götti has expanded the Dimension collection with four new shapes: Parizo, Pasha, Pata and Pine. They are available in 10 organic colors and can be combined with one of the metal colors black, silver, or gold.The Dimension Collection by Götti demonstrates technical progress on every level. Two contrary materials are united by connecting filigree stainless steel, and a digitally designed, laser sintered front. 

A minimalist aesthetic and clever connection creates an object of style and pure harmony. The screwless hinge attaches to the polyamide element with one click, creating the necessary stability. Modern production methods in our own manufactory allow great freedom of design resulting in appealing accents to the face.