Notes | November 4, 2020

INVU – Premium Readers

The new INVU Premium Readers are the perfect reading glasses for customers who look for quality, functionality and craftsmanship

words Editorial Staff

Customers who purchase reading glasses in optical retail frequently generate additional business when they return to purchase custom prescription readers or progressive lenses. However, many opticians prefer not to offer products that are similar to the low price mass retail distribution. 

That is where the new INVU Premium Readers come in. Manufactured in high-end Swiss TR 90 material and equipped with a blue light attenuating filter, these ultra flexible reading glasses are the perfect product for customers who like quality, functionality and craftsmanship. The concept packaging and also the accessories are exceptional. All these factors enable optical retailers to clearly differentiate this product offering from the mass retailers. The INVU Premium Readers are the perfect addition product offering for opticians and will no doubt lead to additional in-store traffic and increased sales of high value add products.