Notes | November 20, 2020

theo – Lavalands, Arches and Potatoes Acetate collections

theo announces a new season of design with three brand new families of frames 

words Editorial Staff

The Belgian eyewear brand theo announces a new season of design, revealing three brand new families : Lavalands, Arches and Potatoes acetate, which show the unparalleled know-how of theo.


Inspired by the collision of seawater and hot lava, theo designed the Lavalands family, which is characterized by vibrant colors and forms in warm acetate with the coolness of steel. The five models, which take their names from the most famous volcanic islands, are available in 8 contrasting theo colors and materials.


The family Arches includes five models and was inspired by the Mother Nature as she carves the most impressive arches around the world. theo translated these arches into a light titanium frames that improves or softens the shape of the brows.


The Potatoes acetate family has been expanded with new designs, maintaining the eight typical theo colors.The metal base is now unified with nylor, in combination with a circular design touch.