Notes | December 18, 2020

Tavat – The soup can milled collection

This spring TAVAT is launching four new models, milled from sheets of bronze, with contemporary shapes and colors. 

words Editorial Staff

This spring TAVAT is launching a new concept: Milled. As the name suggests, it uses new materials and advanced technology to further explore the SoupCan design. Four new models will be launched, 2 sunglasses and 2 optical frames. Each frame has been milled from sheets of 5 millimeters of bronze and through elaborate machined techniques TAVAT achieve the SoupCan Design, revisiting it.

The overall result is a modern collection featuring contemporary shapes and colors while showcasing precision and refinement. The glasses combine the latest in manufacturing technologies while always remaining true to TAVAT’s artisanal roots. Each frame is created with focus, precision and passion by master craftsmen in Northern Italy and celebrates their know-how developed with decades of experience.