Notes | January 11, 2021

Akila – A current classic

The crew of 40s & Shorties and the eyewear brand Akila share their L.A. backdrop in the style of new eco-friendly sunglasses

words Antonella Reina

“We partner with friends, artists and brands we admire for their modern sensibilities to bring new ideas to market. By being inclusive rather than exclusive our goal is to give design power back to independent brands and in turn to bring better value and options to consumers.” This is the statement you can read on Akila’s website. The up-and-coming Los Angeles eyewear company, focused on handmade unisex sunglasses at anti-industry pricing, is getting it right through their continuous collaborations with creative designers and brands. Their latest partnership is with 40s & Shorties, a lifestyle apparel brand offering cut-and-sew pieces with hip-hop and pop culture references. The crew of 40s & Shorties chose Akila for the release of its inaugural line of original sunglasses. Already sported by celebrities and artists alike, these sunglasses reflect the L.A. backdrop common to both brands and captures it in a distinctive and relevant final product. The bold frame and extended shape are reminiscent of old school Los Angeles but still speak to current Street Culture. The inspiration for the lookbook is found in this juxtaposition of current and classic. The final images capture a balance between the vibrant visuals of a Hype Williams-style music video and nostalgic eyewear design.