Notes | February 1, 2021

MARKUS T – Edition 21

During these challenging times, Markus T creates two new models following the four C values

words Editorial Staff

The new collection by Markus T, called Edition 21, was created during these challenging times. For the brand, there are four words that guided them in developing these new models: consistence, concentration, cooperation and clarity. Having these C values, Markus T created two new frames: Dot Mono and Ease, both made with titanium in anthracite, in combination with updated colors and equipped with TMi flex contours in subtle brown-olive for the first model and striking orange for the second one. 

On the one hand, Doto Mono focuses on the sophisticated hinge technology and it is rounded off by a balanced design. The coloured ring between titanium frame and glass is one of its new feature, which creates a combination of different materials. On the other Ease is a rimless model, with a concentration to the essential, the technical perfection and flexibility in design, which creates a color accent in the different variations.