Notes | March 1, 2021

Lunor – Natural beauties

With four new collections, Lunor starts 2021 presenting natural materials, fresh colors and retro classics. 

words Editorial Staff

For the 30th company anniversary, Lunor launches a new glasses in four collections: the B1, the A13, the A5 and the A12. The B1 line is made using the material horn and presents the frames in three different color variants: black, light brown, and brown spotted. The nature of the material makes each frame unique, sitting comfortably on one’s nose. The B1 gets its characteristic look from the original Lunor double rivet hinge that is integrated in all the shapes: two panto variations and one anatomic.
With the new A13 line, Lunor focuses on clear colors and surfaces in the design. The frames, made of highly polished acetate, consist of a two-layer acetate sheet, where deep black acetate meets another color. This line is available in square and anatomic and the covering-up with the black sheet gives a strong rim around the eyes.

For the coloring of the A5 line, Lunor takes its inspiration from nature. The new colors of this acetate collection shine in transparent shades and this year, another four fresh colors join the large variety of unisex frames and feminine models in various acetate shades: apricot, rose, blackberry and blackforest green. The A12 collection captivates with its small shape inspired by the roaring 20s and extended by three new shapes now. An octagonal frame with striking edges, a crown- panto shape with self-confident rim around the eyes and a stylish design ensure new variety in the collection.