Notes | March 12, 2021

Morel – The Lightec collection

Lightness, comfort and elegance are what characterized the Lightec collection by Morel

words Editorial Staff

Morel’s Lightec collection presents frames that combine lightness, comfort and elegance without sacrificing style. From high-definition acetate to 3D printing and beta-titanium, Morel wants to rediscover  the basis of lightness and comfort, with minimal designs, letting elegance and transparency merge and revisiting the classic styles with a modern touch. The model 30216L is a pierced frame with an oversized shape that is accentuated by an electric blue arch and a fine lines that bring the purity of this design to life.

The frame 30217L presents an hexagonal shape, feminine and defined by a colored ultra-thin metal decoration directly inserted into the lens of the frame that combines lightness and comfort, with a golden arch which reflects the light and illuminates the face. 

The pantos shape of the model 30219L  is enhanced by an extremely thin colored bar that fits into the lens to offer a sleek, light, and trendy frame. The note of color emphasizes the structure of the frame.