Bayria Eyewear

Bold, elegant, tridimensional

Words Editorial Staff


The new collection by Bayria Eyewear is the perfect synthesis between elegance and bold colors

The new F/W 2021 collection by Bayria  Eyewear  is a perfect synthesis between elegance, research and playfulness. The Apulian brand has been able to combine the bold and  toy trend with the usual sophistication that distinguishes it, combining unusual thicknesses with eccentric shapes, immediately recognizable.

A long period of research and experimentation, together with the collaboration and skill of the Italian master craftsmen who make the pieces, has led to the creation of an absolutely unprecedented and high-impact collection that sees the use of acetate plates, produced by Mazzucchelli 1849, with a thickness of 14 millimeters. A unique experiment that was an exciting challenge for Mazzucchelli 1849: the frames, solid and imposing, apparently heavy, are made extremely light by engravings and digs applied both inside and outside the front.






This processing technique, in addition to giving lightness to the glasses, allows the light to reflect differently on the material, creating chiaroscuro and reverberation. The collection consists of six new models: Iscla (in the opening photo), an asymmetrical frame, squared in the upper part and pointed in the lower one; Tergeste, a round and sophisticated model; Cuneum and Panoramus two extra bold frames with an exquisitely retro taste, vaguely reminiscent of the shape of binoculars; Brixa, a beveled cat eye with metal profiles inserted in the front and finally Caralis, a model with an extreme look, with a diamond-cut milled front and an eccentric rod that recalls the shape of a screwdriver.

The engravings become decorations, left exposed or filled with refined metal inserts covered with wire resin, part of the Bayria Eyewear logo, depicting the stylized plan of the Basilica of San Nicola in Bari. Ultramarine blue, ruby red and black, sober, refined, are combined with a bright olive green and the timeless havana.

Since the beginning of its adventure, Bayria Eyewear has translated into the world of eyewear the artistic and architectural influences that still permeate the whole of southern Italy. If the last collection was a tribute to the city of Bari, the new series of glasses draws inspiration from the cuts and important thicknesses of the diamond-tipped ashlars, a type of coating used in '500 to give prestige to constructions.  

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